Why choose pearpoint pipe inspection system?

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Pearpoint P540/P550 pipeline CCTV is a fully modular commercial pipe inspection camera system.

The P540 series are of Pushrod Camera system which is designed for smaller diameter pipe inspection ranging from 25mm up to 300mm. For large pipe size inspection, contractor is advise to go for the P550 series Crawler system as it can inspect pipe size from 100mm up to 1500mm in diameter. In any event, the Operator have the choice to combine both systems for greater flexibility and solution to meet all its pipeline inspection needs.

For seamless inspection, check out the wide range of accessories offered by Pearpoint. 

The advantages of Pearpoint pipe inspection camera system

  • Portability and ease of transportation
  • Its interchangeable between push rod and crawler system
  • Sharp digital images and compact controller with in-built compact flash card video recorder.

Typical applications includes

  • Periodic inspection of sewer and drainage networks
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Identification / diagnosis of problems in pipes
  • Commissioning survey of newly installed or relined pipes
  • Home-sellers packs

Pearpoint Pushrod & Crawler Inspection System

Check out below Pearpoint P540 and P550 series of pipeline inspection camera system that suits your every inspection needs.

P540c flexiprobe Pushrod System

P540c flexiprobe pushrod camera system, comes in 3 sizes of camera and choices of rod length. Suitable for pipeline inspection from 25mm to 300mm ø pipes.

 P550c flexitrax Crawler System

P550c flexitrax fully modular crawler system, suitable for large pipeline inspection ranging from 100mm to 1500mm. It work with P540c pushrod system.

P374 IS Industrial Pushrod System

Pearpoint’s P374 IS is an intrinsically safe Pushrod Sewer Camera System certified to EEX ia IIC T6 for Zone 0 Hazardous environments 


Inspection Utility Van Package

Customized, ergonomic and comfortable vehicles equipped with Pearpoint Pipeline Inspection systems.

WINCAN VX Software

WinCan VX for collecting, analyzing and managing pipeline inspection data with WRc coding and standard

P350 Laser Profilers

Pearpoint’s range of laser profilers deliver advanced condition reporting, enabling operators to identify and assess pipe deformation or defects.

Cues QZIII Pole Camera

Cues Wireless Pole Camera suitable for inspecting Manhole, wells, tanks, vessels, and other areas that are difficult to reach

Cues Spider 3D Scanner

Portable manhole wireless scanning technology able to collects millions of three-dimensional (3D) points.