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Water and Gas customers need to find, repair and replace ageing buried assets as part of national general improvements and maintenance to reduce industry leakage statistics.The challenges they face are:

  • Rough terrain
  • Inaccessible cast iron pipes  (buried/submerged/deep)
  • Reducing time waste through false digs
  • Assets deeper than other utilities
  • Harsh environments
  • Metal cover, pipe, joint and weld Locators

Pipe Repair & Rehabilitation

Range of Trelleborg product for sectional pipe repair and lining. Also liner end and internal joint seal for various pipes. 

Cleaning Tools and Cutters

Picote Miller System for Pipe Cleaning and Cutting. Wide range of accessories for best cleaning & cutting results.  

Drain Stopper

ePros Drain Stoppers and flow-through plugs for circular pipes for stopping, bypassing and testing the leak tightness of pipes ranging from 20 – 1500 mm