HWM water leak & network management

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Monitoring water leak through active leak detection and logging the entire network provides clear visibility. When faced with climate changes and increases in clean water consumption worldwide, it becomes critical to manage water efficiently.

With HWM technical expertise and innovation have made them the world leaders within the water and energy management industries.

HWM system provides accurate, reliable, and affordable solutions to assist in meeting these challenges, this includes reservoirs, critical point, networking monitoring, PRVs, DMAs and trunk main.

RD-Palmer through its partnership with HWM is leading in the water industry, supplying and servicing the following products.

  • Radio and Telemetry Data Logger
  • Water Leak Detection equipment
  • Automated Pressure Controller
  • Permanent Leak Monitoring
  • Automated Meter Reading (AMR)
  • Energy Management

HWM Water & Wastewater Product Range

See the range available below segregate into industry/application.


Range of water leak, data logging, pressure control and network monitoring products.


IS safe data logger works with variety sensors such as Doppler-effect velocity, ultrasonic level, radar level and digital inputs from rain gauges or float alarms.


IS telemetry data loggers that delivers accurate data from a variety of monitoring points across the entire gas distribution network.


AMR supply precise and timely consumption data for investigation and analysis of energy usage as well as exact billing.


Wireless RF enabled equipment uses the latest technology to monitor a wide range of variables such as temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide.