HWM Automated Meter Reading (AMR) is one of the solutions that can supply precise and timely consumption data for investigation and analysis of energy usage as well as exact billing. Accurate and consistent data is the foundation for effectively controlling energy usage and reducing waste.

Benefits of AMR:

  • Far less requirement for site visits and manual reading
  • More accurate meter reading, therefore more accurate billing
  • Ability to monitor multi utility consumption data and help identify ways to reduce waste

Our Solution

With more than one hundred thousand data loggers in operation worldwide, HWM is a market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of GSM/GPRS data logging solutions for smart metering in water and energyHWM telemetry Data Loggers and our Smart metering solution also uses HWM Online data analysis system to efficiently display the energy data by pinpointing exact usage and measuring utility consumption in half hour units in line with industry standard.When used in conjunction with HWM Online or other 3rd party software as part of an energy reduction program, our solution enables near real time analysis on energy usage and seasonal variations to determine exact usage. This leads to effective billing rather than estimates as well as eliminating waste, cutting cost and reducing carbon emissions making it an obvious choice to help commercial premises effectively monitor usage.


Versatile, Cost-Effective Data Logger


Intrinsically Safe Versatile Data Logger


Cost Effective Online Data Monitoring


RF Enabled Datalogger for AMR


Advanced AMR Reporting Software