Skill Upgrade

Do your staff lack the skill or training?

RD-Palmer believed that all operators must be properly trained to maximized the equipment application and understand the theory behind the each technology. As such, RD-Palmer has been regularly conducting training and workshop for customers from basic training to competency level. We also organized free and workshop training regularly to encourage participation from our customer to upgrade their skills.

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GOOD PRACTICE:  Evaluate regularly the skill of the staff to ensure safety at site, to improved work efficiency and profitability.


Choose the right modules that suits your needs from Basic to Advance level.

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RD-Palmer do provide customized training based on customer request and needs. More Info


Welcome to register our courses here. Click here and complete the information required. 


Competency Training


Full training from Basic to Advance to ensure users/operators are competent and able to maximise the application of the tools and equipment used to improvement work safety, quality and productivity.

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To improve our support, we are in the midst of updating our library with more short tutorial videos covering various topic of interest.

The videos are uploaded to our YouTube Channel link here. You may also send us request for topic that you want us to cover.

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Upcoming Events

Webinar-MALA AI Support GPR Launch

RD-Palmer is launching new AI Supported GPR, the Easy Locator Core via Zoom..... see more

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