water networks

Demand for clean drinking water is rapidly increasing, while water networks are being challenged by environmental factors such as climate change and population growth. Leak detection is a proven method of safeguarding water. 

If leaks are not detected quickly then immense quantities of water may be wasted.  Significantly, it is estimated that 90% of leaks never show at ground level, making them much harder to identify.

Network monitoring can also be used for the prevention of leaks.  Efficient pressure management can reduce the strain on a network, reducing pressure spikes and preventing bursts.

HWM have developed an innovative range of clean water network monitoring products that fall under the following categories:

Leak Detection – Wide-ranging leak detection solutions, including award-winning acoustic noise loggers, correlators and electronic ground microphones

Pressure Control – Two-way communicating devices that support remote management of pressure reducing valves

Data Logging – Market-leading loggers that use advanced cellular telemetry to securely deliver customer data

Water Quality Monitoring – Smart digital sensors to continually measure residual chlorine, turbidity, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen temperature and more



Single unit, NBIoT-enabled correlating leak noise logger


Award-winning, fixed network leak detection system

PermaNET F

Single unit leak detection system

PermaNET Web

Dedicated web portal for the PermaNET product range

PermaNET+ Deployment App

HWM’s PermaNET+ Deployment App is an installation tool that allows users to deploy PermaNet+ equipment quickly and reliably

PermaNET+ TM

Trunk Main fixed network leak detection

DXMic Pro App

Data sharing mobile application for DXmic Pro devices

DXMic/DXMic Pro

Latest generation ground microphone

Patroller 4

Wireless Bluetooth-compatible Transceiver


Compact Correlating Noise Logger

Touch Pro

High Performance Correlator


Electronic Leak Detection System


Electronic Leak Sounding System

Permalog +

Advanced Leak Noise Logger 


Fire Supply Surveillance

Permalog Lift & Shift

Advanced Leak Noise Logger with Lift & Shift

Soundsens “I”

Correlating Noise Logger


Mobile Advanced Step Tester


Handheld Leak Detector

Mechanical Listening stick

ST20 Listening Stick

Leak Amplification Device


Modulated electronic controller for pressure reducing valves


Dedicated Software for Pressure Control

MultiLog 2

Advanced, multi-channel data logger

MultiLog LX 2

Highly versatile data logger

Pressure Transient

Specialised transient telemetry data logger

HWM Online

Cost Effective, Immediate Online Data Monitoring

Hydrins II

Electromagnetic Insertion Probe with optional Display Panel

Incident Logger

Highly versatile emergency data logging system

LoLog 450

Single or Dual Channel Portable Data Logger

LoLog R

Single or Dual Channel Portable Data Logger with Radio Communications


Mobile app delivering rapid in-field correlation of PCorr+ sound files


Advanced multi-parameter water quality monitoring system