flexitrax™ P550c – Modular Crawler System


The Pearpoint P550 flexitrax modular sewer pipeline system offers features and  flexibility for pipeline inspection for various pipe sizes and application. Suitable for pipe sizes from 100mm up to 1500mm.

 Buying Guide:      Understand the type of pipe and the sizes you wish to inspect, select from the list of items below and request for a quotation now. Should you need further assistance feel free to contact us.

Configure your kit below:

+ P550c Controller 
+ flexitrax PSU 
+ flexitrax Cameras 
+ flexitrax Lighthead 
+ flexitrax Cable Drums
+ flexitrax Crawlers 
+ flexitrax Elevators 
+ flexitrax Wheels 
+ flexitrax Accessories


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