For Non-Metallic Utility & PVC ducting

Sonde is a self-contained battery operated signal transmitter. It is widely used to locate non-metallic pipes and ducting by using a pipe cable locator with the matching frequencies. We have a wide variety of sonde signal transmitter, of various sizes and frequencies to meet all your locating needs. See also our comprehensive locating accessories, that complement the Radiodetection pipe cable locator such as Flexrods and FlexiTraces.


The Flexrods are fibreglass rodding available in various sizes and length used to push the Sonde into the pipe or ducting. A locator is then used to trace the signal transmitted from the sonde along the pipe to determine the path and its alignment. Useful to detect blockage or collapse in a pipe too.


Flexitrace is also fibreglass rodding but differs from Flexrod as the core of the rod contain wire and a mini sonde at the end. The Flexitrace become an active tracing line when energized using Radiodection transmitter.

S6 MicroSonde

Micro-sized sonde with Ø of 6.44mm is suitable for tracing blockages in fiber-optic microducting or other non-conductive pipes.

S9 MiniSonde

The MiniSonde 9mm in Ø allows it to travel around bends while its durable design and construction helps to protect it from damage.

S13 Sonde

S13, 1/2″ (13mm) diameter sonde suitable for narrow ducts and conduits (33kHz)

Bendi Sonde 512Hz

A 3-section sonde, locatable to 19′ (6m) and measuring (23 x 478mm), for improved flexibility around pipe and duct corners.

Standard Sonde

Compact Sonde with a strong signal. Sizes 39mm x 105mm available in 3 frequenices with a locate depth of 5m (512Hz, 8kHz, 33kHz)

S18 Sonde

Small sonde for pipes and ducts. Sizes 18mm x 82mm, normal locate depth up to 4m (33kHz).

Super Sonde

Self-contained, battery operated Deep Sewer Sonde for locating max depth of 15m. Size 64mm x 318mm (33kHz)

Sewer Sonde

Standard Sewer Sonde. Size 64mm x 168mm for max locating depth of 8m (33kHz).


A traceable rod, used with a Radiodection transmitter or Genny. Energizing the rod for ease of tracing.


The rod is used to propel Radiodetection sondes which can be located and traced with a Radiodetection locator or C.A.T.