why you need a signal transmitter?

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The transmitter is a frequency generator used to generate choice of preset frequencies to improve the accuracy of utility locate. The frequency is then apply to the line through induction or direction connection method using accessories from Radiodetection. It is therefore important to ensure operators use a signal transmitter for accurate locate. 

TX Transmitter Useful Features

  • SideStepAuto is specifically designed to improve locate accuracy by measuring the impedance of the target cable or pipe. It also helps to extends the battery life.
  • Multimeter function – Measure output voltage, line voltage, current, impedance and power, and characterize faults on the target line before beginning a survey. 
Based on a fully digital platform, the Tx family of signal transmitters has been designed to complement Radiodetection’s high-precision cable and pipe locators including the RD8200, RD8100, RD7200 and RD7100 and RF Marker Locator. 
See range of transmitters available below.


Compatible with all range of precision locator – TX1, TX5, TX10 kit including standard accessories


Signal Generator work with C.A.T4 range of locator. Comes with standard accessories.

RD5100H20+ TX

10W transmitter for RD5100H20+ Locator

RD5100H20 TX

Work with RD5100 range of pipe cable locator.