MALÅ Concrete Explorer CX12


MALÅ ConcreteExplorer (CX) is an easy-to-use high frequency GPR system, designed for non-destructive investigation and imaging of concrete and other man-made structures. Package Included: –

  • CX12 Antennas  Options: 1.2GHz | 1.6GHz | 2.3GHz | 1.2GHz + EM | 1.6GHz+EM |
  • CX12 Coldfire
  • Battery bag, 12V Li-ion battery pack and charger 12.6V
  • Monitor power cable, 1.2m straight
  • Plastic Grid Carpet (metric)
  • Set of 5 paper grid sheets (metric)
  • USB software and manuals
  • 3D Vision Licence with Hardlock key
  • Shipping Case CX12