WinCan VX Integrated Sewer Solution

Integrated Sewer Inspection Solutions, Accessible Anywhere

Wincan VX Pipeline Reporting

With a variety of modules to handle anything a job throws at you, WinCan VX is outfitted for flexibility and integration at every level, from overlays to asset databases.

Embrace Your Data Freedom. WinCan offers direct data transfer to and from industry-leading partners like Esri, CentralSquare, Cartegraph and Cityworks, so inspection data can be uploaded into a city-wide database for more comprehensive analysis.

Code and Collaborate On-The-Go. What’s more, WinCan Web Flex gives VX users the ability to upload a project to the cloud and edit or complete the inspection remotely from any device.

Tap The Power of AI. WinCan’s Sewermatics is the catalyst for even faster, more efficient workflows. Featuring powerful AI defect coding and robust data visualization and management support, Sewermatics helps users get more out of their day and their data.

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