Lexxi T1660

From: RM282.00

Lexxi T1660 Test kit. Shipped with a set of crocodile clip Twisted Pair connection cables as standard..

Package:  T1660 main, Connection cables Twisted Pair (100Ω), Alligator Clips with clear cover bag

Optional Plug-In Module Accessories:
Mains Blocking Filter, 25Ω, Cat IV – 10/T1660-BLOCK-MOD
50Ω Twisted Pair, Croc Clips – 10/T1660-TP-CROC-MOD-50
100Ω Twisted Pair, Croc Clips – 10/T1660-TP-CROC-MOD-100
75Ω BNC, including BNC-F adapter – 10/T1660-BNC-MOD-75