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RD-Palmer offers full range of cable fault locating solutions from Time Domain Reflectometer to fault to Low Voltage and HV cables. By recognized brands such as RiserBond and Tanbos, the cable fault solution and tester meet the international standard and certification.

Attached with proven track records, providing user with an efficient and accurate cable fault detection.

  • Time Domain Reflectometers (TDRs)
  • Cable Identifier
  • Surge Generators (Thumpers)
  • Ground microphone Systems
  • Fault Pre-location
  • HV Test Instruments

Lexxi T1660

Provides an unrivalled combination of performance, usability and economy cable fault finding tool

6100 Network Analysis

The new 6100 TDRs from Radiodetection are the perfect network analysis tools to detect faults and for rapid service turn-up.

Cable Fault Pin-Pointer PP10

Fault Pin-pointer displaying distance of fault and cable path by arrows.

T32 Cable Fault Locator Kit

Arc Reflection Method Cable Fault Location System

T20 Cable Fault Locator Kit

Integrated design for simple & safe operation, max impulse voltage of 30kV and discharge energy of 1800J.

T8 Cable Fault Locator Kit

Applicable for fault distance measurement for low resistance fault point using LV impulse method.